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August 26, 2010

One of the brilliant design features of Virtual TimeClock is how the main time clock software window functions as a virtual in/out board. This let's you quickly determine who's in and out with just a glance. This is also what allows you to easily deploy Virtual TimeClock as a time clock station that can be used by multiple workers. To make the punch in and out process as quick as possible for all time clock users, they aren't asked to login to the software at first launch. However, they are required to enter a password before accessing any of the functions within the time clock program.

For some time clock administrators, this may become tedious as they move around within the time clock program performing their different administrative functions. There is a way to quickly disable password protection temporarily so you don't have to keep entering your password. From the Tools menu, choose Enter Administrative Mode. Now enter your administrative password. You'll see the phrase ADMINISTRATIVE MODE displayed in the lower left-hand corner of your time clock.

To restore password protection on your time clock, simply exit and re-launch the program, or choose Exit Administrative Mode from the Tools menu. Remember, this only disables security on your time clock, security is still enforced on all the other computer time clocks on the network.

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