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October 21, 2010

Virtual TimeClock makes a great punch clock replacement for your restaurant or cafe because it performs vital functions beyond keeping track of hours worked for payroll purposes.

Different Rates for Different Roles
Many restaurants are looking for a way to track how much time employees are spending performing different activities. This is because each employee may receive a different rate for waiting tables, hosting, or catering. Virtual TimeClock allows you to set up and track each of these activities for each employee. From the Lists menu, choose Activities. Click the + button to add the new activity. Now, when employees start their shift, they can pick what role they're performing. If their role changes, they simply click the New Activity toolbar icon and pick what they're doing next. They can change activities as often as they need to throughout their shift. Each employee's timecard will show a break down of the hours worked for each activity that can now be easily entered into your payroll software, which should already have the appropriate rates for each employee role.

Report Employee Tips
Virtual TimeClock is also a great way for employees to report their tips. You can add a timecard note at the end of your shift with the amount of tips earned. Select your latest entry in the main time clock window, click the Entry Note toolbar icon, and enter your password. You'll be able to add a note containing total tips, report the reason for discrepancies, or explain a late or missed punch time.

This is why Virtual TimeClock is vital computer time clock software for your restaurant.

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