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Resetting Virtual TimeClock Preferences

January 4, 2019

When upgrading or downgrading between several versions of Virtual TimeClock, in rare instances unexpected program behavior or crashing can occur. This is most often the result of an incompatible program preferences file. Deleting your TimeClock preferences will remove personal settings like window sizes and placement, and allow the software to create a new preference file the next time your time clock is opened.

Note: Deleting the preferences file WILL NOT delete any timecard or user data.

Preferences are found on each user account that runs the time clock, so you may need to delete preferences for multiple unique accounts on one computer.

Automatically Delete Preferences (Version 18 & Newer)
If you can access the Preferences window in your TimeClock software, follow the steps below. Otherwise, follow the steps in the next section for manually deleting the preferences file.

  • Windows: Select Preferences from the Edit menu. Hold down Ctrl+Win+Alt on your keyboard and click in the bottom right hand corner of the window. Click Continue to quit the app and delete preferences.
Removing preferences in the Preferences window of Virtual TimeClock
  • macOS: Select Preferences from the Virtual TimeClock program menu. Hold down Ctrl+Option+Command on your keyboard and click in the bottom right hand corner of the Preferences window. Click Continue to quit the app and delete preferences.

Manually Delete Preferences
Follow the steps below to manually reset the time clock preferences file on your computer.

Microsoft Windows PC

  1. Exit your Virtual TimeClock program.
  2. Open your Control Panel and select File Explorer Options.
  3. Choose the View tab and select Show hidden files, folders, and drives option under Hidden files and folders.
Show hidden files and folders in Windows OS
  1. Open a File Explorer window and navigate to the following folder:  C:/Users/[Current User]/AppData/Roaming/Redcort/VTC
File path for removing the TimeClock preferences file in Windows
  1. Delete the TimeClock Prefs file and empty your Recycle Bin.


Apple macOS Computer

  1. Close your Virtual TimeClock program.
  2. Open a Finder window.
  3. Hold the Option button on your keyboard, click Go and select Library.
Selecting the hidden Library menu in macOS
  1. Open the Preferences folder.
  2. Locate the com.redcort.timeclock.[Your Edition].prefs.plist and delete the file.
Deleting the Virtual Time Clock preferences in macOS
  1. Empty your Trash.

Once you have deleted your TimeClock preferences file, open your Virtual TimeClock software and it will build a new preferences file. Pro and Basic edition users will need to reopen their time clock database from the Open Database window. Network Edition users will need to reconnect to their TimeClock Server.

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