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Requesting New Time Clock Features

December 2, 2010

Have you ever wished a software program could do more? Software developers love user feedback, and we're no exception. Messaging, leave & attendance tracking, timecard notes and payroll integration are just a few examples of new features that were added to Virtual TimeClock based on requests from time clock software users.

Each request we receive is taken seriously. If it's a new request, it's added to our feedback database and assigned a tracking number along with the contact information of the customer. If the feature or functionality has been requested before, then the request count is updated and the contact information of the customer is recorded so we can send notifications, seek clarification on the nature of the request, or announce beta testing opportunities.

During each development cycle, the engineering team evaluates requests based on three criteria:

  1. How many customers have requested the feature.
  2. How well does the feature fit with existing time clock features or functionality.
  3. How much engineering time and effort will be required to implement the feature.

While we can't promise new features or forecast release dates for software in development, we'll certainly let you know if your feature request has been implemented in a new time and attendance software release. So drop us a note and let us know what more you'd like your employee time clock to do.

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