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Reporting Missed Punches

June 12, 2015

Virtual TimeClock is a great solution for tracking employee time and attendance, but the key to automatically calculating hours and overtime is for staff to remember to use it consistently. Let's face it, occasionally employees will forget to punch in (especially when they're running late) or forget to punch out (like at the end of a hectic shift). So here are two easy ways for employees to alert managers that they missed a punch time.

Timecard Notes
One easy way for workers to alert management that they need to have a punch time corrected is by using timecard notes. The note can be added after the employee clocks in or even before they clock out at the end of the shift. When the employee opens their User Status window, they simply click the Note icon in the toolbar. The only draw back to this method is that the manager or supervisor won't see the note until they review employee Timecard Detail reports, which might be several days after the missed punch.

A more immediate method of alerting management to a missed punch is to use the built-in messaging module which functions as an easy-to-use electronic mail system. This allows for convenient communication between workers and management. When the employee opens their User Status window, a small envelope icon with the number of unread messages is displayed in the toolbar. Simply click the Messaging icon to read or send messages. Managers and supervisors will immediately be alerted that they have a new message and can make the appropriate timecard adjustments.

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