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QuickBooks® Payroll Items

December 5, 2013

Virtual TimeClock will export a specially formatted time clock file that allows you to import employee hours into the QuickBooks®1 timesheet for payroll. This makes it super easy to process payroll because you don't have to rekey employee hours from your time clock into QuickBooks®. Some businesses track hours under unique payroll items in QuickBooks® for cost analysis. For example, you may pay your nurses with one payroll code when they work for Dr. Smith and with a different payroll code when they work for Dr. Jones, but they're still technically earning their regular hourly wage. You can set up your time clock software to handle part of this scenario by using activities to track the time spent working for each doctor (or whatever other cost center you need to track time for). So when the nurses clock in, they select what doctor they're working for during that shift. All of your timecard reports will split the hours out separately but they're still considered regular hours (or premium pay based on your overtime rules). The hours will import as separate entries to your employee timesheets in QuickBooks® so you'll need to assign them to the specific payroll item there.

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