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Pro Client vs User Client (Network Edition)

February 2, 2022

When the time comes to install Virtual TimeClock Network Edition on a new computer, you will be faced with the decision to install the Pro Client or the User Client. This article is designed to provide direction on which one is right for your new computer.

Each Network Edition setup requires a TimeClock Server and at least one Pro Client. Our User Client functions as a time clock exactly the same as our Pro Client, but without the option to access administration mode. The User Client is designed to be installed on computers that are not used to run payroll or edit timecards.

Pro Client
The Pro Client program functions as a time clock. Entering a secure password enables either manager or administration mode. Use Pro Client if you plan to use this computer to add or remove users, edit your Virtual TimeClock's settings, or run payroll. In most cases, this is the program we recommend you download.

User Client
The User Client program functions only as a time clock. No administrative features are available in the User Client. This is primarily used as an individual time clock for employee computers where administration mode is not necessary.

Note: Both the Pro Client and User Client count as a computer on your license. For instance, a Network License for 5 computers can have any combination of Pro or User Clients, as long as you have at least one Pro Client and no more than 5 clients in total.

Still unsure which Client you need? Feel free to contact us, we're here to help.