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Payroll Integration with Heartland Payroll

September 29, 2017

Payroll integration greatly simplifies the payroll process and ensures that your employee hours are entered in your payroll program correctly. Virtual TimeClock integrates with many payroll companies including Heartland Payment Systems®1 and Ovation Payroll®1. If you use either Heartland® or Ovation® for payroll, then you can use one of our existing payroll integration guides to export your employee hours for payroll.

Set Up Time Clock Integration
Payroll Integration requires a one-time set up to enter your earning codes, company ID, and enable time clock integration in your payroll program. Both Heartland and Ovation use the same format as PayChoice Payroll®2, so you can follow our existing PayChoice Payroll Integration guide. Follow the guide starting half way through page 2 with PayChoice Payroll from the Payroll Export popup menu.
You will need to know your company ID and earning codes to complete the payroll integration set up in Virtual TimeClock. Contact your rep for assistance with setting up integration in Heartland or Ovation, so you can import the specially formatted Virtual TimeClock file. 
Export Payroll Hours
To export employee hours, select Export in the Payroll Approval window after you have reviewed your employee's hours. If you're unfamiliar with how to import files into your payroll program, contact your rep for assistance. 


1. Heartland Payment Systems and Ovation Payroll are trademarks of Global Payment Systems. Redcort Software is not affiliated with Global Payment Systems in any way.
2. PayChoice Payroll is a trademark of Sage Software, Inc. Redcort Software is not affiliated with Sage, Inc. in any way.

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