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Overriding Shift Restrictions

May 22, 2014

Virtual TimeClock has powerful clock in rules that allow you to control when employees can use the time clock. There are two ways to use these shift rules. The first way prevents employees from using the time clock until their scheduled start time, or within a specific number of minutes of their scheduled start time. The second way to use shift rules (and the most popular) is to allow employees to clock in early but record their start time as the shift start time. We call this a courtesy clock in.

These clock in rules work completely as expected until an employee is actually authorized to clock in early. There are a couple of ways to handle this scenario. The simplest way is for the employee's manager or supervisor to clock them in from the administrative window. This will override any clock rules and record the actual time. Another option is for the employee to acknowledge the shift start time when they try to clock in early and then send a message to their supervisor asking them to adjust their timecard. Since the message will be stamped with the actual time sent, you'll know exactly when the employee started their approved early shift.

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