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Out of Time Clock Licenses?

March 8, 2016

Virtual TimeClock Network Edition licensing is based on the total number of computer connections using the time clock. Once a time clock client connects to the time clock server, it will register itself and use a license. That license still remains in use if the time clock gets turned off or even removed from that computer. If you get an out of license message when connecting to your Virtual TimeClock Server, asking these simple questions first may help you solve the issue on your own.

  • Has Virtual TimeClock been installed on any new computers?
  • Have you moved any computers?

If you get a new computer or move your time clock to a different computer, you'll need to remove the registration of the old time clock client from the Virtual TimeClock Server Manager. To remove the old computer registration:

  1. Launch the Virtual TimeClock Server Manager.
  2. Click the Licenses toolbar button.
  3. From the list of registered computers, select the name of the old computer and click Remove Client.

If the name of the registered computers doesn't help you pick the right one, then you can delete all of the registered clients that have a red status indicator showing they're currently disconnected. It's also not uncommon for your IT support to inadvertently use client licenses when they're remotely installing or maintaining your time and attendance system.

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