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New Time Clock Software Features

August 20, 2010

Virtual TimeClock has certainly changed over the years. Many of those changes are the result of ideas and feedback that come directly from our customers, the ones who use our employee time clock software everyday. We regularly release software updates to incorporate some of those great ideas. Of course, those upgrades are free for customers enrolled in our time clock software maintenance and support program.

We love to get feedback about our employee time clock software! Here's how you can request a new feature. Contact us by telephone or email. Describe what you what like to see added to the time clock program, how you would use the new feature, and why it's important to you. As part of our engineering review, we evaluate feature requests based on three criteria:

  • How well does the requested feature fit logically with our existing feature set?
  • How much engineering time and effort is needed to implement the requested feature?
  • How many other customers have requested the feature?

We can't promise that your new feature will be included in the next software release, but we'll definitely let you know if it does get included.

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