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My TimeClock Buttons Are Greyed Out

March 7, 2022

From time to time we hear from a customer who has a missing or seemingly invisible TimeClock window and can't finish their current task. Usually, the user notes that they clicked a button but the corresponding window doesn't open, and now the options on the administrator toolbar are "greyed-out." This usually indicates that the window they opened is actually off-screen. In this blog, we will take a few minutes to explain how you can recover these off-screen windows.

Note: This issue only affects Windows users.

Method 1: Cascade Windows
Windows includes an option called Cascade windows that will collect and stack all open windows on your current display. To use this method, right-click in a blank space of your taskbar and select Cascade windows from the menu. You should then be able to locate your missing TimeClock window in the cascade of windows.

Virtual TimeClock Cascade Windows Taskbar

Method 2: Move Window
If the first method does not retrieve your off-screen window, you can use the Move option.

  1. Hover your mouse over the Virtual TimeClock icon in your taskbar, and right-click on the window that is currently off-screen.
  2. From the menu, choose the Move option.
  3. Press an arrow key on your keyboard one time and then move your mouse. The off-screen window will then snap to your mouse pointer.
  4. Click your mouse to place the window back on your desktop where you want it.
Virtual TimeClock in Windows Taskbar
If you continue to have trouble with your TimeClock, reach out to us. We're here to help!