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Moving Time Clock Clients

March 8, 2013

When running the Virtual TimeClock Network Edition, there are times when a client time clock may need to be moved to another computer. This could be due to a number of reasons, like the computer crashed or there's been changes in office personnel. Whatever the reason, the goal is to move the client program without disrupting business operations. Here are a few tips to make that happen.

The most common issue customers have is installing the wrong client version. If the current time clock client is still available, you can check this by selecting About Virtual TimeClock from the Help menu on a Windows PC and the Virtual Time Clock menu on Mac. This will also allow you to verify if the client program is a Pro or User Client. Now quit the time clock client and uninstall it. 

Launch the Virtual TimeClock Server Manager program and click Licenses. Select and remove the computer name that corresponds to the old time clock client. This will allow the new time clock client to connect to the time clock server.

Download and install the correct Network Edition time clock client. If you need a prior version, select Prior Releases in the upper right corner. Just complete the installer and you'll be prompted to connect to your time clock server.

Follow the above steps and your new time clock client will be up and running before the next punch.

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