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Monitor Early Lunch Returns

September 12, 2014

Here's an easy way to monitor if employees are returning early from their mandatory meal breaks. If you're already using auto time deductions to automatically deduct meal breaks, then you're already covered. If you want employees to punch out for their meal breaks, then creating a report like this may be helpful for monitoring early returns.

  1. Turn administration on and go to Configure, then Report Writer.
  2. Select the Timecard Detail report and click Add, then Duplicate Selected Report.
  3. Name the report something like "Lunch Detail".
  4. Click Selection & Sort, then from the Entries popup menu choose Selected Activities.
  5. Make sure Lunch is the only selected activity and click Save.
  6. Remove any of the other Report Options that you don't want to display on the report.
  7. Now run your new Lunch Detail report so you can check for employees that habitually clock back in before their minimum required meal break has been completed.

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