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Managing Employee Vacation Requests

August 12, 2011

Virtual TimeClock has a pretty robust leave module that allows you to keep track of how much vacation time employees have earned and used. We hope to build upon this in a future version of Virtual TimeClock to include a full vacation request and approval system, but in the meantime you have a couple of options when it comes to managing employee vacation requests.

Send a vacation request message
The first option is to use the built-in messaging system to send a vacation request to your manager. You could use a subject like 'Vacation Leave Request' and include the dates in the body of the message. Your manager can then reply and add 'Approved' or 'Rejected' to the subject. Based on your office workflow, your manager can either add the vacation time themselves or they can copy your HR person on their reply and that person can add the leave entry when processing payroll.

​Add a manual leave entry
The second option is to give employees the ability to add their own days off. This may be more security access than you want to give certain employees, but it allows them to enter their own vacation requests as actual leave entries. Managers can then review the leave requests on the employee timecards or worker leave reports and either allow them to remain, change them to unpaid time-off, or delete them. There is a risk with this option. If the vacation time isn't actually taken, then it must be deleted or else employees will get paid for the time off.

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