Limiting time paid for breaks and lunches

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Limiting time paid for breaks and lunches

December 18, 2023

This post is part of a series about new features in Virtual TimeClock 23.

Virtual TimeClock 23 brings new options for setting limits on the amount of paid time for employee breaks and lunches. In prior versions of Virtual TimeClock, paid limits could be applied only to a particular break. In version 23, you can also limit the maximum minutes paid for all breaks taken during a worker's shift.

Limiting Paid Break Time for a Shift

  1. Launch Virtual TimeClock Pro or Virtual TimeClock Pro Client (Network Edition).
  2. Select Turn on Administration from the File menu (an administrator's password is required).
  3. Select Breaks & Lunches from the Configure menu:
    20 minutes paid per shift
  4. In the Break Button section, select the option Paid with a limit of  [    ]  minutes per shift.
  5. Enter the total number of minutes per shift that will be paid (20 in the example above).
  6. Press the Apply button to save your new paid break rule.

Using Paid Breaks with Daily Limits
When the above paid break limit rule is in force, users clock in and out for breaks anytime during their shift:

When the timecards are totaled using the example above, the first 20 minutes of all breaks taken during a shift are paid.  Any additional break time is calculated and reported as unpaid:

Please note: Tracking breaks and lunches is available in Virtual TimeClock Pro and Virtual TimeClock Network edition. Break and lunch time tracking is not available in Virtual TimeClock Basic edition.

Do you have questions about this new feature or need information about upgrading to Virtual TimeClock 23? Reach out and Contact Us. We're here to help!