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Kiosk Mode in Virtual TimeClock 19

June 28, 2019

Virtual TimeClock Version 19 introduced Kiosk Mode which is a significant enhancement to the prior Full Screen mode. Kiosk Mode allows an administrator or manager to place the time clock in full screen mode which will hide toolbars, menus, docks and access to other computer programs and settings. In Kiosk Mode, workers can punch time, review their timecard and perform other user actions, but cannot use the computer itself for other purposes. This article will explain how to use the Kiosk Mode in Version 19.

​Entering Kiosk Mode
There are two ways to enter Kiosk Mode, see the options below:

  • Choose Kiosk Mode from the View menu
  • Select Enter Kiosk Mode from the menu in the upper right corner of the time clock.
Entering Kiosk Mode in Virtual TimeClock version 19

Note: For security, you will be prompted for a manager or administrator password when entering and exiting Kiosk Mode.

Password required to exit Kiosk Mode


​Exiting Kiosk Mode
To exit Kiosk Mode, choose Exit Kiosk Mode from the menu in the upper right corner of the time clock window. There are several options in the kiosk menu that are explained below.

  • Turn Administration On - allows an administrator or manager to enable administration mode, but keeps the time clock in Kiosk Mode when admin is turned back off.
  • Exit Kiosk Mode - exits Kiosk Mode, revealing the computer desktop and other programs.
  • Quit Virtual TimeClock - quits the time clock while still in Kiosk Mode so that when Virtual TimeClock is opened again, it will open in Kiosk Mode.
Exiting Kiosk Mode in Virtual TimeClock version 19
For information about changing the time clock interface, review our TimeClock Interface Options Knowledge Base article.
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