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Keeping Your In/Out Board Current

May 12, 2011

The advantage of using your employee time clock system as your office in/out board is that the status of each employee is already being recorded as they clock in and out or change activities throughout the work day. Of course, this means no more wallboards or magnets to update to see who's in and who's out. You can also cut down 'on hold' time because phone calls are routed faster when you know where people are at. Best of all, there's no need to purchase or maintain separate in/out board software. The in/out board window of Virtual TimeClock makes a great tool for receptionists and call centers to know when and where to route incoming calls or visitors.

Your employee time clock software will already be keeping track of when people are in, on break, out to lunch, or gone for the day. If you're using activities to keep track of tasks, jobs, or locations, then you'll also know what people are working on or where they're at. And this is all happening as a byproduct of your regular employee time tracking. Here's a quick way to change an employee's out status. Let's say when they left on Friday, they just clocked out but didn't mention they'd be out on vacation Monday and Tuesday. Just select the employee's name in the main time clock window, and from the Actions menu choose Change Out Status. You can pick a standard memo from the list like 'On Vacation' or create a new custom memo that says something like 'On Vacation - Back on Wed'. Now your in/out board is an even more informative and powerful tool.

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