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Importing New Time Clock Employees

September 26, 2013

​You can import your new users into your employee time clock software by either creating a comma separated value (CSV) text file or exporting your employee list from QuickBooks®1. Let's talk about importing a CSV file. You can use a spreadsheet program like Excel and Numbers, or a text editor like Notepad and TextEdit to create and format the import file. You accounting program may also be able to export a list of employee names. Each line within the file represents a user and each comma within a line represents a field for that user. Fields are imported in the following order:

Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Home Telephone, Employee Number, Social Security Number, Password, Wage, Department Name

Unused fields may be empty as long as each line contains exactly 12 commas separating the 13 fields. Passwords must be unique. Virtual TimeClock will check the import file for duplicate passwords and compare passwords in the import file to the passwords for existing time clock users. If you're importing users into departments, the departments must already be set up in Virtual TimeClock with the exact department name.

Happy importing!

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