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How to Import QuickBooks® Time Clock Users

August 29, 2013

Rather than having to maintain two separate entry points when you hire new employees, Virtual TimeClock allows you to import QuickBooks®1 time clock users. This means you only have to enter the new employee information one time before importing the new data into your time clock software.

First, export your QuickBooks® employees. Go to the File menu of QuickBooks® and select Utilities, Export, Lists to IIF Files. Check Employee List and OK. You may change the file name, but you must keep the .IIF extension.

Next, import your QuickBooks® users. Choose Configure from the administrative toolbar of Virtual TimeClock and open the Users control panel. Click Add, Import Users and follow the instructions for importing a QuickBooks® IIF File. Existing Virtual TimeClock users will be updated with the personal information from QuickBooks® if a matching social security number is found. For users with no social security numbers, you’ll be prompted to merge records for those users with the same last name. If you don’t import your QuickBooks® users before performing your first time clock export, QuickBooks® may create blank or duplicate employee records if it doesn’t find a name with an exact match.

​All the steps needed to integrate QuickBooks® with Virtual TimeClock can be found in our QuickBooks® Payroll Integration Guide.​

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