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Error 14 Printing Timecards on Windows

March 22, 2017

We had a really unusual Virtual TimeClock technical support call this week. If you are getting an error 14 when you try to print timecards, we know the cause and have an easy solution:
The Problem
The support call came in from a long time Virtual TimeClock user running on a Windows PC. They suddenly could not run a Virtual TimeClock timecard report for any user. Every attempt to print resulted in an error dialog reporting an error 14 and message that the timecard could be totaled because the database was closed.  
We knew something quite unusual was happening because the database was open, users could clock in and out, and other administrative features were working just fine. No one here could ever remember seeing such an error.
The Solution
After spending some time verifying that their Virtual TimeClock software and database were working correctly, we asked the user to restart their computer. As they initiated a restart, the user was informed that a Windows update had been downloaded and needed to finish installation. Once the update completed and the PC rebooted, the error went away and timecards once again could be viewed and printed.
A recent automatic Windows update from Microsoft had partially installed on download. This left Virtual TimeClock unable to read/write certain files until the system update completed when the PC was restarted.
A second user called in this morning with the exact same error 14. They were quickly up and running by restarting their computer and completing the Windows update!


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