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Entry Notes vs. Messaging

June 26, 2014

We often get asked about the difference between timecard entry notes and messaging. So here are some reasons why you might choose to use one over the other. Entry notes allow you to attach a note to a specific punch time. For example, When you punch in, you can add a note about why you’re running late. When you start a new activity, you can add a note about the job or project you're working on. When you punch out, you can add a note with how much tips you collected or your mileage from traveling between offices. These entry notes will show on employee timecards.

Messaging functions like a self-contained email system that allows you to send and receive messages from other time clock users. For example, employees can request days off that can be approved or denied by their managers. Employees can notify managers of missed punches or clarify timecard hours. Messaging is also a great way for making company and employee announcements, like notifying employees of accomplishments, scheduled meetings, or changes in office protocol.

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