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Employee Timecard Report Dates

January 12, 2012

Have you ever noticed that when you print employee timecards for payroll that you have to change the current period dates? That's because you haven't been closing your payroll periods. The Date Range popup menu says it's the Current Period, but the dates are wrong.

When printing timecards, Virtual TimeClock will always use the stored totals from a closed payroll period rather than recalculating the totals again. This is important since wages, overtime, and time deduction rules may change. By closing payroll periods, timecards for a closed period retrieve the historical totals rather than calculating hours based on the current settings for each employee. Closing payroll periods also advances the current period based on your payroll settings.

Once all hours for a payroll period have been entered, reviewed, and corrected the payroll period should be closed. Go to the Tools menu and choose Close Payroll Period.


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