Virtual TimeClock Support Blog

Dynamic vs. Static Schedules

December 19, 2013

The schedules & shifts feature allows you to assign clock in and out rules for each employee working a static weekly schedule. This allows you to prevent people from clocking in early and clocking out late. A static schedule is one that doesn't change. It can be different for each employee for each day of the week, but the shift start and end times need to be consistent for each employee from week to week. It’s not designed to be used as a monthly scheduling calendar (although we hope to have a true employee scheduling program out sometime in the future) and you can only assign one shift per day to each employee. So a schedule like the following works just fine.

We do have customers using schedules & shifts with employees that have schedules that change slightly from week to week. They just update the employee schedules at the beginning of their work week to reflect the new shift rules in place that week.

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