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Does Your Time Clock Admin Need to Punch In and Out?

July 25, 2013

When you first create your time clock software company database, you're also required to create an administrative user account. This time clock administrator account is not automatically added to the time clock list for punching in and out. So if this initial admin user needs to use the time clock to punch in and out, you'll need to add them to the list. We don't recommend creating a second non-admin user with the same name to use when clocking in and out because that could be confusing. Instead, you'll want to add the admin user to a display group.

Go to Configure, then Users, select the admin user name and click Groups. Select the display groups that you'd like the admin user to be a part of, like TimeClock Users. Now the name of the admin user will appear on the In/Out Board list so they can clock in and out like everyone else.

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