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Different Pay Rates for Different Jobs

July 22, 2011

It's not unusual for employers to pay workers a different wage based on the job they're performing. A common example occurs in the restaurant business. An employee may get paid a different wage depending on whether they're waiting on tables, hosting, or part of the catering crew. We see the same thing with some of our dental time clock users. An employee may earn one rate when acting as a dental assistant and a different rate when working as a dental hygienist. What you need to know from your time clock software is how many hours were spent performing each role. It's up to your payroll software to handle the rest.

The first thing you'll want to do is set up a different activity for each of the roles you need to pay at a different wage. In Virtual TimeClock, go to the Lists menu and choose Activities. Give each new activity a name that will be easy to recognize for workers when clocking in. The second thing you'll want to do is set up the pay rates for those same activities in your payroll software for each employee.

That's all it takes. Now your time clock software reports will have a breakdown of hours for each activity that can be quickly entered into your payroll system.

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