Virtual TimeClock Support Blog

Deploying Computer Time Clock Software

March 25, 2010

The huge advantage of Virtual TimeClock Network Edition is that it can be deployed on multiple computers. Deciding which computers need time clock software and where to place them can sometimes be a struggle for new Virtual TimeClock software users. Here are a couple of different deployment options to help you configure your time and attendance software to match the work flow of your business.

Computer Time Clock Stations
The first deployment option is to setup time clock stations at strategic locations in your organization, providing company wide access for all workers from several time clocks. You may place a computer time clock at common employee gathering spots like employee entrances or break rooms. Or you may have one time clock on the showroom floor for your sales force and another in the warehouse for those workers.

Employee Computer Time Clocks
With this deployment option, each person's computer within your organization runs the time clock software. There's still only one database of your timecard data which makes it easy to gather timesheets for payroll processing. Each time clock can be configured to only display that person's name. Manager time clocks can be configured to display a list of just their workers so they've got instant status updates for all workers under their supervision. Owners and administrators can display a full worker list and perform all administrative functions. You may have a personal time clock setup for each employee, but still allow the receptionist or switchboard operator to maintain a full employee list. This lets them know at-a-glance who's available, out, or in a meeting. The virtual In/Out board is a great way to manage incoming phone calls and visitors.

Stations and Employee Time Clocks
This is a very common deployment option. It allows you to setup time clock stations in those areas that have limited computer resources or when workers don't have assigned computer workstations, and setup employee time clocks for those staff who do. You may have a manufacturing facility where you place one computer time clock in the shop displaying all warehouse workers, administrative staff have personal time clocks displaying their own individual names, your switchboard operator has a time clock displaying the names of all administrative staff, and your payroll specialist has a time clock listing all workers.

It's easy to setup personal time clocks by using display groups. I hope this gives new users some options when deciding how to deploy Virtual TimeClock in their business environment.