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Customizing the Time Card Signature Text

April 26, 2018

There are a number of reasons to have employees manually sign their timecards at the end of each pay period. The requirements for proper acknowledgement vary widely by state and industry. In some cases, only a signature is needed, while other situations require specific wording about worked time, breaks, lunches, and schedule.
To facilitate these varied needs, Virtual TimeClock Pro and Network Editions include the ability to easily customize your timecard report signature text. While the default text we provide is a great starting point, your legal, HR, or tax professional will often have helpful suggestions for language more appropriate for your particular business.

Follow these steps to modify the timecard signature text in Pro Edition or a Pro Client:

  1. Select Turn Administration On in the File menu.
  2. Select Report Writer from the Configure menu and choose the name of your employee timecard report (i.e. Timecard Detail).
  3. In the middle of the window, click the Report Options button.
  4. Click Signature Text in the Report Options window, this will open the text editor.
  5. After editing the signature text to the desired wording, click OK.
  6. Click Save in the Report Options window

Your new signature text is now saved. Verify the text and how it will look by clicking Preview Report icon in the Report Writer toolbar. 

Timecard Report Signature Line
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