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Citrix Load Balancing

April 11, 2013

A load balancer is responsible for directing network traffic among multiple servers hosting the same applications. By balancing requests across multiple servers, a load balancer prevents any one server from becoming a single point of failure, which improves availability and responsiveness.

We occasionally run across customers that are using load balancing to distribute the load of network traffic across their server farms. This means that Citrix users could be directed to any one of the servers based on current traffic, which may present a licensing issue with their time clock software. Because Virtual TimeClock is licensed per computer connection, you'll need a client license for each Citrix user that needs to run the time clock, and if your Citrix users are routed to the next available server in the farm, then you'll need a client license for that user for every server they could potentially connect to. This means if you have 5 time clock users and you have a 2 server farm, then you'll need 10 Virtual TimeClock client licenses.

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