Virtual TimeClock Support Blog

Checking Your Time Clock Version

May 12, 2014

If you need to reinstall Virtual TimeClock, you'll need to verify what version of the program you're licensed for. One way is to check the registration email we sent you when you purchased your software license. The second way is to check the software itself. On Mac, choose About Virtual TimeClock from the Virtual TimeClock menu. On Windows computers, choose About Virtual TimeClock from the Help menu. In the example below, the user is running Pro Client Edition 14 Release 1 (14R1), which is part of Virtual TimeClock Network.

If you're running the Network Edition, the clients need to be the same version as the TimeClock Server, so you may want to check the version of an existing client before downloading the client software on a different computer. To download your licensed version, select your Virtual TimeClock product from the Download page and choose your licensed version from the popup menu right above the Download button.

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