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Automatic Update Write Permissions Error

January 30, 2018

We've had a couple support calls in the last month about the "write permissions" error that pops up while running automatic software updates. This blog will explain what the error means and how you can successfully update your software.

What the Write Permissions Error Means
A "write permissions" error means that the current user does not have sufficient permissions to write the necessary files for the update. There are two types of user accounts on Mac and Windows computers: Administrator accounts and Standard accounts. Standard accounts have limited permissions which intentionally restrict users from making changes to program files. Because of these restrictions, an administrator account is required for completing automatic software updates.

Virtual TimeClock Write Permissions Error

How to Update Virtual TimeClock
If you get the write permissions error show above, you can manually download the latest release from our Downloads page and the installer will prompt you for administrator credentials, allowing you to complete the update.

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