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Activities for One Employee

August 20, 2015

Many people are already aware of Activities, the powerful feature within Virtual TimeClock that enables you to track hours worked at different tasks, job centers, store locations, departments, and more. Traditionally, activities are assigned to a display group and anyone in that group can clock in or out from the list of available activities. So, what do you do when you have created a list of activities that you want to exclusively assign to one employee? That’s easy! Make them the sole user and manager of their own display group. 

Follow these simple steps to assign activities to one employee:
1. Turn time clock administration on by navigating to File > Turn Administration On.
2. Navigate to the program menu bar and click Configure > Display Groups or click the
    Configure icon in the Administration toolbar and click the Display Groups icon.
3. In the Configure Display Groups window, click the Add button in the bottom, left corner.
4. Create a name for the new display group, such as “Robert”, and click Save.
5. Make your employee the only User and Manager of the new “Robert” display group by
    clicking Edit in the lower left corner of each respective section and selecting only their name.
6. Click Activities… in the Users section and check the boxes available to this user.

On the Configure Display Groups window, Managers section, click Manager Actions, Configure Access, and Manager Reports and uncheck all the boxes within each. These changes will keep the employee from gaining manager level access to their own time clock records.

Congratulations! You have just created a custom display group for one user, made them the manager of that group, and assigned a list of activities for them to choose.

Login using Pro Edition:
1. Navigate to File > Turn Administration On.
2. Select the user name from the list of managers and enter their password.
3. Click the user name on the In/Out Board and enter password.
4. Click Start, New Activity, Stop, or another function.
5. When done, Navigate to File > Turn Administration Off.
6. Accept the default Display Group and click Continue to log off.

Login using Network Edition:
For Pro client group time clocks, follow the steps stated above with Pro Edition.
To really benefit from this unique time clock feature, it is best to dedicate a Pro or User client workstation to only be used by the custom display group you just created. To login using a dedicated workstation, the employee will:
1. Click their name on the In/Out Board and enter password.
2. Click Start, New Activity, Stop, or another function.

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