Virtual TimeClock 23 Release 1 - Redcort

Release Notes

Virtual TimeClock 23 Release 1

December 13, 2023

Virtual TimeClock 23 adds dozens of enhanced features and functions, including daily paid break limits, default times for manual entries, and lunch rules that aid in compliance with recent labor rulings. An updated and modernized user experience remains completely familiar while ensuring compatibility with the latest Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS features and functions.

Supported Operating Systems

Basic & Pro

• macOS 10.14 Mojave - 14 Sonoma
• Windows 10, 11


• macOS 10.14 Mojave - 14 Sonoma
• Windows 10, 11, Server 2012 - 2022

  • NEW - Limits for paid break and lunches can now be calculated either per break or per shift.
  • NEW - Manual timecard entries now save the start, stop, and lunch times as defaults for additional entries.
  • NEW - Inserting breaks and lunches manually now saves the start and stop times as defaults for additional entries.
  • NEW - The User Status Window displays current time in the titlebar to assist with clocking in or out.
  • NEW - PIN & Passcode Interface maintains display of the current time when a user logs in to clock in or out.
  • NEW - Easily delete old entries in the Entry Editor without reopening payroll periods.
  • NEW - Dark Mode Support for Windows 10 and 11 computers and tablets.
  • NEW - New Universal binary runs natively on Apple Silicon as well as older Intel based Macs.
  • NEW - Compatibility with macOS 14 Sonoma.
  • ENHANCED - Major SQL Database upgrade provides improved performance, security and even greater protection against data corruption.
  • ENHANCED - Provides better tracking of manually deleted entries in the Audit Log.
  • ENHANCED - Improved security restricts managers to select only their assigned groups when returning the timeclock to user mode.
  • ENHANCED - New Toolbars provide an enhanced user experience and right click configurability.
  • ENHANCED - Break and Lunch Dialogs are now colorized to eliminate confusion and visually assist users of their current status.
  • ENHANCED - Dialogs have been updated with a vertical orientation for consistency with the latest Mac & Windows OS releases.
  • ENHANCED - Larger buttons throughout the program improve usability on high dpi displays and Windows tablets.
  • ENHANCED - Show Password icon for password fields allows users to easily see and correct mistyped passwords.
  • ENHANCED - The program Preferences have been renamed as Settings to be consistent with the latest OS standards.
  • ENHANCED - Calendar controls have been updated and enhanced for even easier date selection.
  • ENHANCED - Shift rules for hours worked before meal break uses their actual break time even if rounding is on for payroll calculations. Implemented to aid in compliance with recent labor rulings concerning rounding of break times.
  • FIX - User Birthdates prior to 1952 are saved more reliably.
  • FIX - Limit Start Shift rule based on maximum hours worked reliably deducts breaks from total minutes.
  • FIX - Virtual TimeClock Server Manager no longer prevents login if the database folder is moved or missing.
  • FIX - Remedied an issue that could cause the program to hang after canceling the download of a software update.
  • FIX - Windows 11. Windows security measures no longer trigger automatic upgrade installers to silently fail.
  • FIX - macOS. Selecting a new Database Folder in the Server manager saves without spurious errors.
  • FIX - macOS. Kiosk Mode no longer allows users to easily resize the Kiosk window to access the computer.
  • FIX - macOS Ventura & Sonoma (13-14). Apple security measures no longer trigger automatic upgrade installers to fail at the end of installation.
  • FIX - macOS 14 Sonoma. Time controls no longer use a 24 hour format when the system is set to use 12 hour clock.
  • FIX - macOS 14 Sonoma. Reports produced in Sonoma no longer display a "?" between times and AM/PM.