Virtual TimeClock 22 Release 1 - Redcort

Release Notes

Virtual TimeClock 22 Release 1

October 31, 2022

Supported Operating Systems

Basic & Pro

• macOS 10.10.5 Yosemite - 13.0 Ventura
• Windows 8, 10, 11


• macOS 10.10.5 Yosemite - 13.0 Ventura
• Windows 8, 10, 11, Server 2008R2 - 2022

All Editions  
Basic, Pro & Network Edition

  • NEW - Compatibility with Apple computers running macOS 13.0 Ventura.
  • NEW - Compatibility with servers running Microsoft Windows 2022 Server.
  • NEW - Program installers have been updated to maintain compatibility with the latest operating system releases from Microsoft and Apple.
  • NEW - The Sample Database provided with the Basic and Pro editions has been updated and enhanced for 2022.
  • ENHANCED - Improved compatibility with Apple macOS 12.6 Monterey based Macs.
  • ENHANCED - Entering license keys and company information via copy and paste provides much more robust error checking and validation.
  • ENHANCED - Redesigned the Welcome, Free Trial and New Database windows to streamline the initial user setup and configuration.

Pro & Network Edition
All of the above changes, plus:

  • NEW - Support for QuickBooks 2022 Desktop for Windows. Changes to the payroll integration setup and exporting for QuickBooks were required because Intuit removed Timer Activities in QuickBooks 2022.
  • NEW - The Payroll Approval window now provides conditional retotaling of all users after viewing or editing a timecard. Significant time is saved each payroll period for approval of groups with dozens or hundreds or employees.
  • NEW - A new popup menu for selecting which users are displayed in the Users configuration panel. The Users configuration window displays 'All Users' when first opened. This is more intuitive and avoids confusion when managing inactive workers.
  • NEW - 'Missed Clock Out' management for program administrators. The stop date and time now default to the entry start date and time. The administrative response is much simpler and reliable since determining and modifying the the shift end date is no longer necessary in in most cases. This also guards against prior shifts rules inadvertently continuing for the shift following a missed clock out.
  • NEW - Adding Display Groups is more intuitive and secure. Creating a new group no longer automatically adds all active members, managers, activities, and memos to the group.
  • NEW - The Time Settings configuration for 'Hours off the Clock' now provides a suggested range of values and prevents invalid values that would lead to unwanted and unexpected program behavior.
  • NEW - The Time Settings configuration for 'Average Weekly Hours for Salaried Workers' now prevents invalid values that can cause unexpected program behavior.
  • ENHANCED - The 'New Database' window has been updated and simplified for ease of use.
  • ENHANCED - Messages in the Mailbox window can now be sorted by the date and time columns
  • FIX - The Mailbox window no longer leaves drawing artifacts in the scrollbar when sorting messages (macOS only).
  • FIX - Cancelling a change to the period date in the Payroll Approval Dialog now properly ingores the cancelled change.
  • FIX - Recording a missed clock out from the PIN or Passcode window no longer asks for the user password.
  • FIX - The User Configuration window now works as expected when selecting a new user when there are unsaved changes to the current user.
  • FIX - Opening a window from the Configure Menu properly displays the full panel layout. (macOS 12 Monterey only).

Network Edition Only
All of the above changes, plus:

  • NEW - The registered clients list Licenses panel 0f the Server Manager can be manually refreshed. Replacing this feature with the automatic refreshing in prior versions ensures that the client list is not rebuilt while scrolling and managing long client lists.
  • NEW  - The Public IP address displayed in the Server Manager and Pro Client returns helpful error information if the public IP address is not currently available to the program.
  • FIX - The Server Manager Status displays the full panel layout on initial program launch. (macOS 12 Monterey only).