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Virtual TimeClock & Redcort Software Bringing Jobs & Innovation to California Central Valley

Fresno Mayor Highlights Redcort Software's Virtual TimeClock Employee Time Clock Software in 2010 State of the City Address

Fresno, CA - May 27, 2010 – Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin delivered her 2010 State of the City Address to over 900 hundred people at the Fresno Convention Center today. The mayor recognized Keith DeLong, founder and CEO of Fresno based Redcort Software, as well as Redcort's Virtual TimeClock employee time clock software as examples of entrepreneurs and companies that are bringing new jobs, new ideas, and new solutions to California's fifth largest city.

About Virtual TimeClock Software
A fully functional free trial of Virtual TimeClock software is available directly from the Redcort Software web site in Basic, Pro and Network Editions at Pricing for Virtual TimeClock '11 starts at $99 (USD). Discounted upgrade pricing is available for users of prior releases of Virtual TimeClock software. Full pricing details are available online at the Redcort Software store.

About Redcort Software
Redcort Software has been developing, publishing and supporting time clock software since 1986 and on the Internet since 1997. Redcort Software actively pursues customer relationships through direct sales, regular feedback and world-class technical support. Tens of thousands of workers at businesses in over 50 countries rely on Virtual TimeClock software every business day.


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