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Virtual TimeClock Named ‘Best Idea’ for Arizona Furniture Retailer

New features, powerful reporting, and flexible setup help businesses manage payroll costs.

Fresno, CA USA (February 27, 2007) – When the managers of Yuma Furniture Company's various departments were asked for the best idea implemented in the past quarter, the response was unanimous: deploying Virtual TimeClock Pro. Rich Wilson, IT Manager, was quick to explain why. "In our situation, every location was treated as a separate company, and punches and systems had to be merged every time period. Our old timeclock system cost $1,500 per time clock, and none of them communicated with each other. We wanted a system that would work in multiple locations (onsite and off), with centralized data, lower costs, and increased control and productivity."

Rich and his team evaluated Virtual TimeClock Pro with his managers for a week, providing 1-hour manager training sessions and 5-minute employee training sessions. They had the system fully functional within an hour of receiving employee information from their payroll department.

Yuma Furniture Company executed the implementation of their new time and attendance solution so well that they presented Virtual TimeClock Pro as their 'Best Idea' at the Winter 2007 Las Vegas Market held at World Market Center, where the leaders in the home furnishings industry meet to review product lines, share design ideas, and gather critical information about where the industry is heading.

Wilson has a list of some of the successes already evident after implementing Virtual TimeClock. "Managers are able to see which employees are on or off the clock, from their desktops, immediately. They are also able to review employee timecards in minutes instead of hours. Managers are able to run summary reports prior to overtime being incurred without bothering the payroll department."

Although the list of benefits and intrinsic value continue to grow, Wilson looks straight at the bottom line, "All of this for the price of one physical time clock."
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