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Virtual TimeClock 5.6 Lets the Cat Out of the Bag!

Major enhancements to Virtual TimeClock's Timecard Report Writer make employers' jobs easier

Fresno, CA - November 15, 2007 – Redcort Software today released Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6, a feature packed Leopard compatible upgrade to their industry leading time and attendance software for Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows computers.

"The Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6 release was engineered from day one for full Leopard compatibility," explained Keith DeLong, President of Redcort Software. "After thoroughly testing Virtual TimeClock 5.6 on Apple's retail release of OS X 10.5, we field tested our new release with over a hundred early adopters of Leopard." Redcort has performed compatibility tests on older versions of Virtual TimeClock Pro and the company does not recommend using them with Leopard.

The Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6 release features a major upgrade to the built-in Timecard Report Writer. Already an easy to use, full-featured report generator for Virtual TimeClock, the new Report Writer has been enhanced by over a dozen new reporting capabilities. The streamlined new interface enables users to easily customize the signature line text for each report, sort timecards by first or last name, include Social Security or Employee ID numbers on reports, and even designate a specific printer and orientation for timecard reports.

Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6 introduces an easy to use Paid Break option that simplifies monitoring and reporting paid employee breaks. The release also contains numerous enhancements that improve overall program reliability and usability.

Free Evaluation
The fully functional Virtual TimeClock Pro time tracking software can be downloaded free anytime at Redcort Software's web site. When Virtual TimeClock Pro is installed without a license key, the software will run for 300 entries without any restrictions. After the evaluation period, a software license and activation key must be purchased to continue using Virtual TimeClock time and attendance software.

Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6 is a free upgrade for all users enrolled in Redcort Software's Maintenance & Support program. Upgrade pricing is available from Redcort Software for all other users. Step by step program upgrade instructions for any prior version of Virtual TimeClock are available on the Redcort Software web site at

Apple, Macintosh, Leopard, and OS X are trademarks of Apple, Inc. Microsoft Windows and Windows Vista are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. Virtual TimeClock and Virtual TimeClock Pro are trademarks of Redcort Software.

About Virtual TimeClock
Virtual TimeClock Pro is the powerful, easy to use, software based time and attendance system that enables businesses of any size to effortlessly track employee hours and overtime. With Windows and Macintosh versions available, Virtual TimeClock Pro time tracking software flexibly adapts to just about any computer and business environment. Virtual TimeClock Pro pricing starts at $195. Complete pricing and program information can be obtained at

About Redcort Software
Redcort Software has been helping businesses avoid repetitive tasks and unavailable information since 1997. Redcort Software actively pursues close customer relationships through direct sales, regular feedback and world-class technical support. Tens of thousands of workers at businesses in over fifteen countries rely on Redcort Software every single day.

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