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Virtual TimeClock 5.1 Integrates Support for CheckMark Payroll®

FRESNO, CA - November 9, 2005 – Redcort Software, publisher of Virtual TimeClock Professional, the industry leading time clock software, announced today that Virtual TimeClock Version 5.1 is now available for Windows and Macintosh computers. With direct support for CheckMark Payroll®1 and powerful new exporting functions, Virtual TimeClock 5.1 enables users to simplify yet another step in the payroll process.

“Businesses save time and money as their employee hours and overtime move accurately and effortlessly from Virtual TimeClock directly into their CheckMark Payroll® software,” explained Keith DeLong, President of Redcort Software. “We’ve enjoyed several years of partnering solutions with our friends at CheckMark® so integrating directly with CheckMark Payroll® was a logical next step for our customers. It’s a privilege to work with a company that shares our long term commitment of great support for both Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows computers.”

“Partnering with Redcort Software has had nothing but positive results for us,” added Terry Stone, National Sales Director for CheckMark® Software. “As a development team determined to build cost-effective, quality products that the customers love, Redcort shines. CheckMark Payroll® customers need, (make that demand) an easy-to-use and trouble-free solution for their payroll and time clock, and we are convinced they get exactly that with Redcort Software.”
Virtual TimeClock 5.1 brings new features as well as enhanced program usability. In this new release, Virtual TimeClock incorporates:

  • Time saving integration with CheckMark Payroll® software. Virtual TimeClock supports both the U.S. and Canadian versions of CheckMark Payroll®, allowing users to move data effortlessly between Macintosh and Windows based computers.
  • Powerful new timecard exporting functionality. Easily export employee hours, overtime and tasks with fully customizable worker and field categories.
  • Exporting of user profile information. Export user names, address, contact, and payroll information for use with other HR or spreadsheet programs.
  • Simplified TimeClock administration. With one-step administrative access, it’s easier than ever for businesses to manage and maintain their Virtual TimeClock.

A complete list of enhancements and new features for Virtual TimeClock 5.1 is available at the Redcort Software web site.

Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Apple, Macintosh, and OS X are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. CheckMark Payroll® is a trademark of CheckMark Software, Inc. Virtual TimeClock and Virtual TimeClock Pro are trademarks of Redcort Software.

About Virtual TimeClock
Virtual TimeClock Pro is a powerful, easy to use, software based time and attendance program that enables businesses of any size to effortlessly track employee hours and overtime. With Windows and Macintosh versions available, Virtual TimeClock flexibly adapts to just about any computer and business environment. Virtual TimeClock pricing starts at $195. Comprehensive program pricing, information, and a fully functional evaluation download can be obtained anytime from the Redcort Software web site at

About Redcort Software
Redcort Software has been helping free businesses from repetitive tasks and unavailable information since 1997. Redcort Software actively pursues close customer relationships through direct sales, regular feedback and world-class technical support. Tens of thousands of workers at businesses in over a dozen countries rely on Redcort Software software every single day.

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