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Virtual TimeClock 5.0.2 Brings Enhanced Leave Reporting

FRESNO, CA - January 25, 2005 – Redcort Software has released Virtual TimeClock Professional version 5.0.2, a maintenance release to its award winning employee time and attendance software. Virtual TimeClock takes the work out of tracking worker hours, overtime and leave.

This release provides enhanced international user support and improves program performance for users on all supported platforms. Version 5.0.2 contains the following fixes and enhancements:

The Accrued and Used Leave report

  • Now takes a report date for printing prior period reports.
  • Workers can now print their individual Accrued and Used Leave report.


Fixed a number of usage issues for International users who use a comma for the number decimal separator.

  • Double clicking a worker name now reliably selects the worker in the start/stop work dialog.
  • Creating Leave Entries now defaults to 8 hours worked.
  • Removed an extra first line printed on multiple page timecard reports.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent deleting of Out Status Memos.
  • Selecting/Editing dates far in the future (2030+) now works consistently.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a report to hang while printing.
  • The date portion of the worker signature line now displays reliably.
  • A selectable worker name is now shown on both tabs when editing workers.
  • New workers no longer display an initial date of 1904.
  • The upgrade section of the User's Guide and help system has been expanded.
  • Fixed several display issues when using oversized fonts on Windows PCs.

Virtual TimeClock is available for download at

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