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Virtual TimeClock ’10 Helps Businesses Reduce Employee Payroll Costs

New time clock software release enables employers to easily track and report worker breaks, lunches, and unpaid employee leave.

Fresno, CA - January 19, 2010 – Business owners can reduce payroll costs using powerful new employee time clock features in the new version of Virtual TimeClock from Redcort Software. With new break and lunch time tracking capabilities, Virtual TimeClock '10 delivers valuable features to help employers better manage employee payroll costs. Using Virtual TimeClock software saves employers valuable time and money. Accurately tracking worker breaks and lunches can lower employee payroll costs 3-5%.

"Using Virtual TimeClock software saves me 15 to 20 hours every month in the day to day and month end processing of payroll for our administrative staff," said Jim Verhei of Elder Options, a provider of in-home caregiver services in S.W. Washington & N.W. Oregon. "Using Virtual TimeClock over the last four years has enabled us to increase our delivery of services and maintain a balanced bottom line. It has enabled us to protect and preserve our employees, so that we've not had to implement any reduction in force during the current prolonged downturn."

Virtual TimeClock '10 provides employers with new tools to help them effectively manage employee time and attendance. "In these challenging economic times, businesses are working very hard to maintain profitability. Our customers tell us that controlling labor costs is a top priority today." said Keith DeLong, CEO of Redcort Software. “Virtual TimeClock '10 builds on the strengths of past versions with useful new cost control features. Most significantly, the new release enables employers to easily track paid and unpaid breaks and lunches, as well as manage unpaid leave. We also upgraded our timecard report writer to make access to the new information easy and intuitive.”

New unpaid time tracking and threshold rules in Virtual TimeClock '10 ensure that employees are paid only for the time actually worked. "Limiting the amount of time employees are paid for breaks is a simple feature that is really powerful" remarked Jeff Morrow, Technical Support Manager at Redcort Software. "For instance, employers can now document a 10 minute paid break and Virtual TimeClock will automatically show any additional time taken as unpaid." New lunch break functionality in Virtual TimeClock '10 allows employers to also monitor and bring time accountability to unpaid breaks, helping them better manage resources during employee lunch hours.

Busy employers will save time with new worker leave management tools in Virtual TimeClock '10. New unpaid employee leave tracking and the ability to annotate leave entries simplifies worker leave time tracking. This new functionality makes it easy to manage compliance with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) as well as equitable mandatory work reductions or furlough policies.

Complimenting the new employee time tracking functions, Virtual TimeClock '10 has enhanced the powerful report writer with over a dozen new features that make getting the desired timecard report simple and intuitive. New features include enhanced daily and activity totaling, separate columns for unpaid and leave hours, an optional supervisor signature line, and printing timecard reports for inactive workers. New report level settings for page orientation, time display (decimal or hours), and salaried worker totaling enable employers to easily customize reports for a variety of formats and needs.

A complete list of Virtual TimeClock '10 new features, as well as a free trial software download is available at the Redcort Software web site.

Pricing and Availability
Virtual TimeClock is available directly from Redcort Software in Basic, Pro and Network Editions. Pricing for Virtual TimeClock '10 starts at $79 (USD). Discounted upgrade pricing is available for users of prior releases of Virtual TimeClock software. Full pricing details are available online at the Redcort Software store.

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