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BAM! Virtual TimeClock 5 Kicks Timecard Management Up A Notch

FRESNO, CA - December 16, 2004 – Redcort Software today launched Virtual TimeClock Professional version 5.0, a major upgrade to its award winning employee time clock software software. Virtual TimeClock takes the work out of tracking worker hours, overtime and leave.

“We labored diligently to incorporate our customer feedback into the version 5 experience,” states Redcort president Keith DeLong. “Our users love Virtual TimeClock, but they wanted us to help them with the complexities of time and attendance management. As result Virtual TimeClock 5 is a more powerful program that is even easier to administrate and use.”

The user interface and administrative functions have been simplified for users and managers alike. “The client-server architecture was engineered from the ground up to make connecting time clocks so easy that almost anyone can setup a Virtual TimeClock network,” says Jeff Krueger, sales manager for Redcort Software. “With native software releases available for Macintosh® and Microsoft® Windows® computers, Virtual TimeClock 5 makes sharing time clocks on Windows, Mac Classic and Mac OS X networks as easy as pressing a button.”

“I love the straightforward networking and protection of the data file from accidental deletion,” reports Dr. Michael R. Broome, DVM, MS, Dipl. ABVP at Advanced Veterinary Medical Imaging in Tustin, CA. As a long time Virtual TimeClock user with time clocks running at multiple locations, Dr. Broome is a fan of version 5 saying, “I really appreciate the tremendous improvements in speed and functionality that the Virtual TimeClock Pro 5 upgrade represents.”

Virtual TimeClock 5 is $195 with discounted multiple client license packs and upgrade pricing available. Additional information and a fully functional download of the Virtual TimeClock Pro 5 software are available from the Redcort Software web site at

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Redcort Software has been helping free businesses from the unproductive cycle of repetitive tasks and unavailable information since 1997. Redcort Software actively pursues a close relationship with their customers through direct sales, feedback and technical support. Thousands of workers in over a dozen countries worldwide rely on Redcort Software’s Virtual TimeClock Professional every day.