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Salaried Workers & Virtual TimeClock

Unlike many time clock solutions, Virtual TimeClock allows you to easily track regular and overtime hours for both salaried and hourly workers. While time clocks are typically viewed as only useful for hourly employees, there are a number of ways your salaried employees can benefit from using Virtual TimeClock.

Electronic In & Out Board
Many businesses want to know exactly who is in, who is out, or where to find a particular worker. Virtual TimeClock has an In & Out Board feature that can instantly provide the current status, location, and availability of any employee. When salaried workers use the time clock, you'll have an at-a-glance real time view of all users or any group of users. Using the activities and out memos features, workers can easily communicate their current location, availability, or estimated return time to others.

Accurate Record Keeping
The reporting features in Virtual TimeClock allow you to show salaried worker's arrival and departure times with or without totaling the number of hours worked. You can quickly and easily view employee times and/or hours for any date range. An increasing number of businesses are recording salary worker hours to increase worker accountability, provide HR related metrics, and ensure accurate historical labor tracking.

A new labor law was recently blocked from going into effect on December 1, 2016. The law would require employers to track and pay overtime to about 4 million salaried workers that are currently exempt from overtime wages. While the enactment of the law appears much less likely today, it is still being litigated. For more information see the related blog we wrote discussing the Final Rule or visit the Department of Labor website.

Last fall we were contacted frequently by employers as they explored tools to help them track salaried worker overtime. Many companies began using Virtual TimeClock as a precautionary step and as they discovered other benefits that Virtual TimeClock provides for their employees.

Track Awarded and Used Leave Hours
Companies can also use Virtual TimeClock to track leave time for their salary workers. Virtual TimeClock's leave tracking features allow benefit hours to be awarded and tracked based on hours worked or on a determined allotment. Virtual TimeClock's leave tracking allows you to easily manage all employee's leave accrual and use in one place, where it available to end users, managers, and administrators.

Job Costing & Client Billing
Accurate labor hours can be critical for job costing. Including hours for your salaried workers can be an essential labor cost component. You can use Virtual TimeClock to track salaried worker arrivals and departures, in addition to easily tracking actual time worked on a particular activity or project. Documenting actual labor costs is great to ensure accurate client billing.

These are just a few of the ways your company might benefit when your salaried workers use Virtual TimeClock. Learn more about Virtual TimeClock software or get a free trial of Virtual TimeClock without any cost or obligation.