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Maintain Labor Compliance With Payroll Time Clock Software

Small business owners can spend many hours processing payroll each pay period. And this does not include all the time spent trying to stay current with labor laws and business regulations. Business expansion becomes a double-edged sword as hiring more employees often means bringing on additional payroll specialists to accommodate your company's growth and monitor increasing payroll compliance. Many companies turn to outsourcing their payroll processing and labor management to help cut costs and leverage revenue. Whether you choose to outsource your payroll processes or keep them in-house, payroll time clock software will help you maintain labor compliance by enforcing employee accountability, ensuring overtime rules are followed, reporting other payroll income, and tracking employee time and attendance.

Enforce Employee Accountability
Employees rarely complete paper timesheets until right before payroll is due. This leads to lots of guesswork or downright fraud, whether intentional or not. Payroll time clock software ensures that employee hours are always recorded to the exact second by providing an impartial recording of every employee punch time. This provides accurate time keeping of when employees start and end their work day, and allows you to track time spent on paid breaks and lunches so workers are only getting paid for actual work performed. If your payroll time clock software has a built-in in/out board, then network time clocks will allow managers to monitor late arrivals, unauthorized breaks, and early departures. Your employee time clock software should be able to produce comprehensive audit logs that provide tracking of all time card modifications and administrative system access. Employee payroll time clock software gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are not underpaying or overpaying your employees.

Ensure Overtime Rules
Every state has its own rules for making sure employees are compensated for all time worked. It is easy to get lost amidst the different overtime payroll rules that may be in force at your business and knowing what rules apply to different employees. Employee payroll time clock software allows you to setup as many different overtime rules as you need and assign a different overtime payroll rule to each employee to handle alternative work week schedules. There is no reason to risk lawsuits and penalties for not accurately paying employees what they have rightfully earned. So whether you need to track daily overtime, weekly overtime, special weekend rates, or a combination, employee payroll time clock software will ensure overtime rules get applied only when and where they are needed, even if you have employees working in different states.

Report Other Payroll Income
Sometimes it is easy to forget to pay employees for non-wage related activities amidst the burden of trying to get payroll processed before the deadline. Employees can use time card notes to report mileage and tips for reimbursement on their paychecks or mandatory reporting to regulatory agencies. Managers can add bonuses or commissions to worker time cards for easy inclusion with payroll processing. Imagine not having to sort through dozens of emails just to find out how much commission is due to each person on your sales force. Make sure employees are compensated for all paid time off benefits, which often get forgotten when processing payroll with punch cards or paper timesheets. Employee payroll time clock software ensures your employees receive complete and accurate paychecks each and every time.

Track Employee Time and Attendance
You may need to track unpaid activities like lunch breaks or unpaid sick leave. Monitoring unpaid breaks or time off without pay allows you to efficiently schedule employee coverage, identify abuses, and reward timely employees. Each employee payroll report should display time spent on unpaid activities completely separate from hours worked. It becomes easy to enforce your business rules when you know how many unpaid days off employees have used. Employee time clock software makes it easy to track unpaid leave taken under FMLA and mandatory furlough policies. Use employee payroll time clock software to start tracking all of your time and attendance needs.

Employee payroll timeclock software can certainly help reduce the burden of labor compliance by drastically reducing the amount of time spent processing payroll.

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