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3 Reasons Your Church Needs Time and Attendance Software

Most businesses are looking for a time and attendance solution in order to hold employees accountable for their actual hours worked. We like to say that the time clock keeps honest people honest. Most employees are not out to actually cheat the company or organization they work for. Sometimes they honestly cannot remember the hours they worked. So when it comes time to fill out their employee time sheets, there is a lot of guessing going on. Your church or religious institution may need a time clock for many of the same reasons as a private business, but here are three unique reasons why a church needs to implement a time and attendance solution.

Manage Administrative Staff Time
Just because you may have religious exemptions or non-profit status, does not mean your organization does not have to comply with the labor laws within your region. Using a time clock program eliminates all of the guesswork involved with tracking employee time and attendance. You have a permanent record of all hours worked, including any hours that require premium pay because they are in excess of the overtime threshold for your state. Time clock programs allow you to keep track of who is habitually tardy or even keep track of time spent on different projects or activities like reviewing sunday school lessons, working on vacation Bible school skits, and preparing weekly church bulletins.

Track Salaried Employee Hours
There are a number of reasons why you may want to have salaried church staff use the time clock. The most common is to take advantage of the real-time status of the in/out board. It makes it easy to route calls and schedule appointments when you know who is at lunch, in a meeting, or already gone for the day. You may also need a way to track accrued and used leave hours for your salaried staff. Time and attendance software will allow you to ditch your current Excel spreadsheet or manual method for tracking vacation and sick time. A time clock program will maintain all of these complex calculations for you, while allowing staff to check their remaining leave balances at any time.

Monitor Daycare Centers and School Attendance
Time clock solutions can be used to keep track of staff time in your church affiliated daycare centers and schools for payroll purposes, much like other businesses. But more importantly, they will also keep track of when students are on campus and the number of hours spent in daycare or after school programs. Tracking student attendance takes major effort because you must know which students are on campus in case of an emergency or if a safety issue arises, but you may also want to know how much to bill parents for the number of hours children are in daycare or after school programs. Parents can use the time clock program to clock their children in and out so you know exact arrival and departure times and how many hours to bill families at the end of each month. Using a PIN or Passcode interface allows you to still maintain anonymity and protect the privacy of your students.

The best time clock software programs are flexible enough to allow for a variety of uses, which is important if your church is involved with a number of diverse ventures. If you would like to hear what our customers in other industries are saying about Virtual TimeClock, please visit these time and attendance software reviews.