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When is Labor Day in 2020?

August 27, 2020

Labor Day is the only federal holiday in the month of September, and it always falls on the first Monday in September. This year, Labor Day lands on September 7th. Most banks, state and federal offices will be closed for this holiday. In addition, many private sector businesses also take the day off.

Where did Labor Day come from?
Beginning in the late 1800s, Labor Day was a state holiday that honored the daily contributions of workers to the United States economy. In 1894, Labor Day became a federal holiday during a nation-wide political conversation about worker wages, hours and time off. At the center of the issue was the American Railway Union (ARU) strike against the Pullman Company. Within a week of the end of this strike, Congress voted to create Labor Day as the 7th Federal holiday. Labor unions used this new federal holiday as an annual occasion for parades and speeches promoting worker rights.

Like most holidays, Labor Day has evolved significantly from its political beginnings. Today, Labor Day represents the end of the summer and the start of the back-to-school season.

Redcort Software
Our main office will be closed on September 7th to allow our employees to enjoy the holiday with family and friends. We will return to the office on Tuesday, September 8th to resume normal business hours. For information on other upcoming federal and business holidays, see our Federal and Business holiday calendars.