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Virtual TimeClock Version 16: Sneak Peek

March 8, 2016

Virtual TimeClock Version 16 is scheduled for release this spring. This new release has many new features designed to make time and attendance easier for users, program administrators, and business owners.  
Here are a few highlights of new features coming in Virtual TimeClock 16:
Easier Clocking In/Out
Our new “Action Menu” will allow for more rapid clocking in/out, which will make interacting with your TimeClock easier and faster when groups are sharing a time clock.
Easier Time Card Management
Brand new “Missed Clock In" and "Missed Clock Out” functions provide users with a real-time way to report missed punches and their approximate time to an administrator. This will dramatically simplify timecard management for missed punches and eliminate managing split entries when users forget to clock out at the end of their shift.
Easier Cost Control & Compliance
Virtual TimeClock 16 introduces a number of user requested shift rules, including the ability to ensure lunches are the proper duration, and taken in compliance with state laws and required timelines.
The expanded shift features will allow employers to apply shifts to groups of users based on time of day. This will be a great addition for business with standard shifts and employees who rotate between shifts.
Finally, new shift rules enforce total employee hours (for week, month, or pay period) to help employers track and enforce compliance with ACA and State Laws for part time workers.
Getting Ready For Virtual TimeClock 16

  • If you’re still evaluating Virtual TimeClock, don’t be afraid to purchase now. Version 16 will be a free upgrade for all purchasers after March 1, 2016.
  • Keep your Maintenance & Support enrollment up to date.  Virtual TimeClock upgrades are always included with your continued enrollment.
  • Make sure we have your current e-mail so we can let you know as soon as Virtual TimeClock 16 is available.
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