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Virtual TimeClock + Payroll Integration = Worry Free Payday

August 26, 2010

I'm always a little anxious when we release a new version of our employee time clock software. It's not because I'm worried about it not working like it should since I know the engineering is solid and the QA team has run it through the paces. I think it's more because I want each of our customers to be able to use all of the new features. I know that's not practical. Although each new release of Virtual TimeClock contains new features and functionality that help our customers reduce payroll costs and make their time and attendance processes more efficient, not all customers may find those features useful. For some, their office workflow renders certain features unnecessary. For others, it's different business rules.

I must confess that the anxiety I usually feel with a new time clock software release was conspicuously absent with Virtual TimeClock '10 Release 2. And I think the reason is that the new payroll integration with leading payroll service providers like SurePayroll®4, Paychex®3, and PayChoice®2 provides functionality that all of our customers need, since all of our customers deal with payroll on a regular basis. This new release even provides payroll integration with AccountEdge®1 accounting software. Even better, we've partnered with SurePayroll®, the leading online payroll service, to provide Virtual TimeClock software users with special pricing and benefits. So not only does this new employee time clock software release help reduce your payroll costs with flat monthly rates, it reduces data entry errors as well. Both of which save you money.

A worry free release gives all of our customers a worry free payday.

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