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Tracking Student Attendance

May 10, 2013

Most businesses use time clock software to help manage employee hours worked. It's an easy and efficient way to hold employees accountable for each work day, to control labor costs by reducing overtime, and to keep track of vacation and sick pay. Some businesses use Virtual TimeClock just because they love the in & out board interface which makes it so easy to keep track of what staff is working on and who's off and on site. Still others use it to track time spent on different jobs and projects so they know how much labor time to bill customers. We also have quite a few schools using Virtual TimeClock to track student attendance, especially for schools specializing in adult education or career training.

Here's how it works. You can install Virtual TimeClock on a computer in the classroom. Students can select their name from the list and clock in with a passcode. If you're concerned about confidentiality, then use the time clock PIN interface so students can clock in and out without seeing the names of the other students. At the end of the semester, the instructor can run a summary report that automatically totals the hours of the students. This information is invaluable for seeking government funding, reporting grant expenditures, or just making sure students are meeting the minimum hours needed to meet the class requirements.

You can check out a list of some of the schools that use our time clock software on our website.

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