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Top 5 Reasons to Replace Paper Timecards

December 10, 2018

We talk to people every day who are replacing their paper timecards and mechanical punch clock in favor of a better solution. In this brief article we'll share the top 5 reasons companies consider replacing paper timesheets with employee time clock software.

1. Save Time & Money Every Pay Period
Let's face it, paper timecards take a lot of time to manage. Depending on how many employees you have, totaling timecards and calculating overtime can take hours for your HR department. On top of that, incorrect totaling and other clerical errors can cost your business hundreds or thousands of dollars a year.1 Time clock software will total your timecards automatically - no more errors and no more calculator. Software with monthly fees can eat through your savings quickly. Instead, look for time tracking with a one-time purchase.

2. Prevent Unwanted Overtime
A common issue with a paper timecard system is unwanted employee overtime. When employees punch in early, take a short lunch and/or punch out late, small amounts of overtime can add up quickly. Quality time clock software can enforce time clock overtime rules that allow you to control when the time clock can be used, eliminating unauthorized overtime.

3. Track Time Off
Without powerful time tracking software, most companies must maintain binders and files to track employee time off (vacation, holiday, sick time, PTO, etc). Instead of sorting through binders to find employee time off information, time clock software provides all of that important information at the click of a button, for both employers and employees.

4. Integrate with Payroll Software
Once paper time cards are totaled, they must be copied over to your payroll software where taxes and deductions are withheld. Transcribing totals is tedious and can introduce clerical errors into payroll totals. Time clock software is often able to integrate with top payroll providers which dramatically simplifies your payroll workflow.

5. Customer Support & Reliability
One of the drawbacks of paper timecards is the lack of customer support. If your mechanical punch clock breaks, or doesn't keep time properly, you would need to purchase a brand new clock. It's important to find a company you can pick up the phone and talk to when you have questions. Find a company with strong customer satisfaction reviews, and give them a call.

While replacing paper timesheets can seem like a daunting task, Virtual TimeClock makes it easy to get going quickly with employee time clock software.

Redcort Software has been developing time and attendance software for Mac and Windows computers for over 30 years. With a strong focus on simplicity and ease-of-use, Virtual TimeClock includes all of the powerful features you can expect with modern time tracking software. Find out more about Virtual TimeClock and get started with a no obligation free trial today. Not sure if our software is the right solution for your business? Give us a call or drop us a note and we'd love to talk with you.

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