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Time Clocks for Off-Site Employees

June 13, 2013

Many businesses have off-site employees that rarely enter an office. Or they may start out from an office or equipment yard and then spend the rest of the day out in the field, and usually go straight home after their last appointment or job. We're currently working on a mobile time clock that will work with a wide variety of smartphones or tablets, including the iPhone and iPad. In the meantime, using laptops with wireless Internet cards are a great solution for off-site employees.

A wireless Internet card and data plan from your wireless carrier will let you access the Internet from anywhere your carrier provides coverage. With regular WiFi you need to be within range of a WiFi hot spot to get connectivity to the Internet.

Another alternative is a MiFi, now available with certain carriers. A MiFi has a built-in wireless Internet card and allows multiple computers to connect simultaneously to the internet via WiFi. Think of it as a mobile hotspot you can control.

Just because our mobile time clock isn't quite ready, don't let that keep you from tracking off-site employee time by combining our networked time clock system with one of these other solutions.

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